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Zombie: The Hero: Origins is a multiplayer mode which is the first patch for Zombie: The Hero.


Zombie: The Hero: Origins is similar to Zombie: The Hero except there are new characters introduced: Banshee, Stamper, Jiang Shi and Heroine. It also provides several new features for both zombies. Elements in this mode have been balanced compared to Zombie: The Hero.

New weapon[]


Main article: Salamander.

Salamander is a flamethrower that can burn enemies in close range. Unlike any other weapons, Salamander can set the enemy on fire for several seconds. However, its attack range is only 10 meters and it cannot be fired in water. Thus, its attack power decreases over range.

New maps[]

Map Image Background
Requiem Requiem gfx Ghost village
Rest Rest gfx Ancient tomb
Origin Origin gfx Abandoned temple

New zombies[]

Zombie Image Description
Banshee Banshee zombie Old female witch zombie that can call a group of bats that pulls the targeted human to her.
Stamper Stamper In middle ages of Europe, there is a merciless torture device called as the legendary Iron Maiden. The person using this gruesome device is really merciless and even after his death he is still using this torture device to perform such inhuman torture on his victims.
Jiang Shi Jiangshi Jiang Shi was a Qing Dynasty Central Officer from a foreign land long time ago. Dead and buried in the deep earth, after the wave of zombie disaster, his remains were infected into walking corpse. When paper talisman at the forehead is removed, it would give him a more powerful force.

New characters[]


Main article: Fernando.

Fernando was an exorcist. After graduating from the University of Theology from Spain, he went across Europe to help people expelled from monsters. The heroic of Fernando using Holy Bomb had left a deep impression to the local people. The last paragraph of data about him mentioned he spend his life for an exorcism in Germany. However, many people believe that Fernando is still alive.


Main article: Blair.

Blair was a bounty hunter born in Ireland. She is well-known with her unorthodox methods of professional hunting. After becoming famous, she suddenly conceal her whereabouts with no reasons. Coincidentally after her disappearance, the zombies appeared around the world. Rumors said that she was the key figure of the incident.


"Human win, yeah!"

"Zombie win, *growl*"


  • Heroine was supposed to be released in this patch. But in Singapore/Malaysia and Indonesia regions, she was released in the previous Zombie: The Hero.

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