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Zbrevivesmallicon.png Zombie: The Hero (Zombie Mod 3) is the third Zombie Mod in Counter-Strike Online.

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Zombie: The Hero provides several new features for both Humans and Zombies. This mode also introduces several new types of zombies.

New Mechanics


  • Humans can now be selected as a Hero/Heroine or sidekick, each with their own set of select-able powerful exclusive weapons.
  • Humans now has morale meter. Higher morale meter will increase the human's weapon damage. This meter can be increased by killing zombies, 10% boost for each zombie killed, with the maximum achievable boost of 230%. Being near other human players will give a bonus 5% attack boost for each player in the vicinity.


  • The zombies will revive instantly after death (but before doing their respective death animation) unless if they were killed by a headshot. They will revive in full health and regain any armor points they have before death.
  • In contrast to the human's Morale Bar, Zombies has the Rage Bar, which can be filled by taking damage or infecting humans (Heroes or Heroines gives a dramatic boost). Once it reaches its maximum, the zombie will evolve, increasing maximum health and armor.
  • Lesser zombies are now able to use their skills just like their Host counterparts does, but with less efficiency.

New Weapon

Dbarrel gfx.png
Main article: Double-barreled shotgun.

Double-barreled shotgun is a 2-rounds semi automatic shotgun that does a very high damage and delivers a great punch that knocks zombies away.

New Map

Abyss3 gfx.png
Main article: Abyss3.

Abyss3 is the third zombie exclusive map in the Abyss series and takes place in the basement of Rex Research Institute.

New Item

  • Battle Veteran: Increases the maximum achievable morale boost for humans by 30% giving the total of 230%. And grants instant revival for zombies.

Competitive Rule (BETA)

Competitive Rule is a new system introduced in December 2021 update in South Korea for Zombie Hero and Zombie Z modes that introduce a new set of rules for competitive matches. If it is set as a competitive match, all existing room settings are ignored and the game settings are changed to the set settings, and you cannot change the settings arbitrarily. For more detailed information about the competitive rules, you can check them by clicking the 'Competitive match rules guide' button in the preview above and in the waiting room.

Competitive Room settings

  • Max Players: 24 Players
  • Number of Rounds: 7 Rounds
  • Round Duration: 3 minutes
  • Weapon Limit: Cost Limit
  • Manner level, No death > Kill limit
  • Competitive Rooms can't be password locked
  • No Zombie Permanent Death
  • AI will be in the match
  • Allies cannot attack
  • Zombie Balance Auto Correction
  • Map: At the start of the game, one of the six maps specified below is randomly selected.
    • Italy
    • Assault
    • Abyss 2
    • Militia
    • Dust
    • Trade Port

Weapon Cost Limit

All weapons have a cost according to their grade, and the total cost of 4 weapons can be used only for the main weapon/sub weapon/melee weapon/throw weapon and less than 25.

If the total cost of the weapons you possess, purchase, or acquire exceeds the total cost of 25, you cannot purchase or acquire them.

Grade Cost
Epic 15
Transcendent 9
Unique 6
Rare 4
Advanced 1
Basic 0

Rules changes

  • The amount of karma obtained is doubled.
  • Random Human Heroes do not appear in Competitive Play, and you must use Karma to play as a Hero.


March 2022
  • New weapon restriction rule: 'Repurchase waiting time'
  • Depending on the grade and performance, a 'repurchase waiting time' is added to some weapons.
  • If you purchase a weapon with a waiting time, you will be restricted from using that weapon for the set waiting time from the next round.
    • E.g.: Repurchase waiting time 0 = Can be used in the next round
    • E.g.: Repurchase waiting time 2 = After the current round is over, cannot be used for 2 rounds
  • The existing 'weapon cost option' will be temporarily deleted.

Special Events

Crazy Zombie Hero Event

This is a special event which is combined with Item Battle Renewal:

  • Only applied to Italy,Dust, Assault and Estate during event period.
  • The Supply Box is replaced by the special ones for Item Battle.
  • All related medals and league score are not counted in this event.
  • Human:
    • Able to use special skills through the special Supply Boxes (including the special Ripper).
    • If becoming Hero/Heroine, player cannot pick the special Ripper.
    • Primary/secondary weapon's ammunitions resupply automatically.
  • Zombie:
    • Reduces the cooldown of all skills.
    • Zombie Grenade will restock automatically every 2 seconds after each use.
    • Higher jump boost when using Zombie Grenade.

Zombie Hero Division Event

This is a special event relates to Zombie Hero:

  • Only applied for Italy during event period.
  • All related medals and league score are not counted in this event.
  • Human:
    • All human players can choose to be Hero/Heroine or not from the beginning of each round.
    • Added 'Leap' skill (8 key by default), can be used at anytime.
  • Zombie:
    • When starting each round, all zombie players will have clones (clones can be in different zombie type and have 2/3 HP of the player's HP).
    • When a clone dies, it will split into 2 other clones. The division can be done for 2 times at maximum. At the third time, the player will be dead permanently (cannot revive until next round).
    • 'Recover' and 'Attack' skills are added (6 and 7 keys by default), can be used at anytime.

Icon Name Description
Humanskill hm ss.png Leap The jump height is increased dramatically.

Icon Name Description
Zombieskill divisioncome.png Recover Call back the clones.
Zombieskill divisionattack.png Attack Let the clones find and attack humans.

Random Weapon

This is an event where humans are given random weapons and zombies.

19 April 2018
28 June 2018
10 October 2018
10 January 2019
4 April 2019
22 August 2019
28 November 2019
14 May 2020
11 March 2021
12 August 2021

Last Stand

Main article: Last Stand

Random Rule

  • Humans: Survive the zombie attack or kill all the zombies.
  • Zombies: Turn all humans into zombies.
  • A random game rule will be chosen at the start of each round.
  • Info on progress, statistics, missions, medals, and accolades will not be updated in Event modes.
  • Press L to check the current rule.
Icon Name Description
Icon big 1.png Zombie Fireball Zombies will shoot a projectile as a special attack.
Icon big 2.png Standard Issue Start the round with all players outfitted according to the purchase list of one randomly selected player
Icon big 3.png Out with a Bang! A die plate with a radius of 3m is created on death.
Icon big 4.png United We Stand Humans take damage when separated from other humans.
Icon big 5.png Structural Decay Zombies continuously damage their surroundings.
Icon big 6.png Counter-Strike War Z All humans become heroes. The hero is revived as a normal human upon death.
Icon big 7.png Hardcore Weapon restriction (Classic), Ammo restriction, and Zombie Resurrection restriction applied.
Icon big 8.png Girl's Generation All zombies will become girl zombies, and the 'Conceal' skill will always stay on.
Icon big 9.png Too Close for Comfort All attacks are allowed only within 15 m of an opponent.
Icon big 10.png Second Chances Humans get 1 chance for resurrection.
Icon big 11.png Change of Heart Humans will resurrect into Zombies, and Zombies into Humans (50%).
Icon big 12.png Precision Shooting All attacks count as headshots.
Icon big 13.png Packing Heat Attack power of secondary weapons is greatly increased.
Icon big 14.png Marksman Attack power of the sniper rifle is greatly increased.
Icon big 15.png Explosive Results Attack power of throw-able weapons and Zombie Bombs is greatly increased.
Icon big 16.png Applied Engineering Attack power of equipment-type weapons is greatly increased.
Icon big 17.png The Classics Attack power of classic weapons is greatly increased.
Icon big 18.png Headhunter Damage of headshots is increased.
Icon big 19.png Long-Distance Relationship Attack power is increased when combat distance is greater than 20 m, and reduced when less.
Icon big 20.png Aerial Bombardment Attack power while airborne is greatly increased.
Icon big 21.png Turrets Syndrome Attack power while standing still is greatly increased. HP is lost while moving or crouching.
Icon big 22.png Run for Your Life! Attack power while moving around is greatly increased. Attack power while standing still is reduced.
Icon big 23.png Low Profile Attack power while crouching is greatly increased.
Icon big 24.png Random Weapon A random weapon will be purchased.
Icon big 25.png Last Stand A single suit will be supplied in the last minute of the round. Do your best to be the last one standing.
Icon big 26.png Spectral Assault Zombies become transparent ghosts that can move around freely.
Icon big 27.png Give 'em the Birds Chicken is often supplied. Eating chicken will increase your attack power for a certain period of time, and will reset your skill once.
Icon big 28.png Big Head mode The head grows larger each time you are hit with a headshot.
Icon big 29.png I'm a Surgeon Greatly increases shotgun attack power.
Icon big 30.png Bullet Storm Greatly increases SMG attack power.
Icon big 31.png Moon Bounce Low gravity
Icon big 32.png Creepy Crawlies Zombies recover HP while moving crouched.
Icon big 33.png Flying Corpses Zombies can jump twice.
Icon big 34.png We Are Venom All zombies will become Venom Guards/Enhances Venom Guard skill.
Icon big 35.png Bandwagon Shares 1st place player settings with all players.
Icon big 36.png Last Shot Greatly increases damage of the last bullet in your magazine.
Icon big 37.png Bunny Hop Increases acceleration while jumping.
Icon big 38.png Critical Strike Grants a chance for attacks to become critical strikes.
Icon big 39.png Backstabbers All attacks do much more damage from the back.
Icon big 40.png Zombie's Delight Zombies have free use of skills.
Icon big 41.png Revenant Revive as a Revenant if you die more than 3 times as a zombie.
Icon big 42.png Touch You All zombies become Sting Finger. The skill can be used repeatedly, and the skill is automatically used when killed.
Icon big 43.png Gravity When jumping, it becomes weightless and rises into the air.
Icon big 44.png Blood Bullet Every time you reload, your health decreases, and your attack power increases.
Icon big 45.png Speak Life If your thrown weapon hits an enemy that is not in sight, the attack power increases significantly.
Icon big 46.png 369 369 The attack power of the 3rd, 6th, and 9th attacks of the melee weapon is greatly increased.
Icon big 47.png Shockwave When a zombie jumps and lands, a shock wave is generated. Health is restored and the movement speed of nearby humans is reduced.
Icon big 48.png Shopping Addiction If you kill a zombie, you will be able to use the shop once.
Icon big 49.png Blindfolded Instead of reducing the human's left and right vision, movement speed and attack power increase.
Icon big 50.png Value of Together If a zombie takes damage, the surrounding zombie will heal as much as the damage.
Icon big 51.png Rifleman The assault rifle's damage is greatly increased.
Icon big 52.png Bullet Baptism The damage of the machine gun is greatly increased.
Icon big 53.png Cost Ratio The overall attack power increases as the price of the primary and secondary weapons increases.
Icon big 54.png Legend The last one is resurrected as a hero once. The attack power of the hero's weapon is greatly increased.
Icon big 55.png Back Then Human is limited to New Classic weapons. Zombies are selected as Normal Zombies, and skill use is limited.
Icon big 56.png Popular Weapons Weapon damage of Rare grade and below is greatly increased.
Icon big 57.png Burning Time When using Deadly Shot, duration is increased and magazines are not consumed.
Icon big 58.png Fast and Furious When using a sprinting skill, attack power is increased and the skill can be reused.
Icon big 59.png Skill Master Human skills are incorporated.
Icon big 60.png Biochemical Attack Smoke bombs damage zombies. Psycho zombie skills damage humans.
Icon big 61.png Horde Bonus If humans are gathered, attack power increases according to the number of people.

Protection Mode

Tooltip ZM3 PROTECTION.png

Suppressor.png Evolution inhibitors created at random points after the game starts. Event mode with rules to protect (human) and destroy (zombie) according to each faction.

  • Human victory condition: Success in protecting the evolution suppressor
  • Zombie victory condition: Destroy the evolution suppressor or infect all humans within the round time
  • TIP: Evolution Suppression flag appears in a random location every round.

Added zombie hero protection mode map:

Release date

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 21 December 2011.
  • Indonesia: 15 February 2012.
  • Turkey: 20 November 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.



Main article: Zombie: The Hero: The Origins


Main article: Z-VIRUS

Zombie Enhancement

Zombie Mode Rework

Main article: Zombie Mode Rework
  • New weapon selection for Hero and Heroine. Now Hero and Heroine can select which hero exclusive weapons to use instead of being locked to SVD Custom for Hero and Quad-barreled shotgun for Heroine.
  • Previous Supply Box weapons are given to Sidekicks to choose at the start of each round.
    • Now supply Box can be used to refresh ammo and/or buy new weapons.
  • Can choose other zombie type after respawn.
  • Room host can put zombie type restriction.
  • Changed some of the zombie skills.
  • Changed zombie stats.


Main article: Z-Noid

Zombie Mode Rework 2

  • Changed some Zombie DNA.
  • Removed Zombie Enhancement.
  • Upgraded the zombie stats.
  • Changed some zombie skills.

December 2017

March 2018

  • Increased damage to all Hero/Heroine weapons.
  • Increased damage to all sidekick weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the same person can be the host zombie every round.
  • Changed scoreboard and scoring calculation.

May 2018

Zombie Hero "Revive" Test event.
  • Maps: Italy, Assault, Estate, Winter Shelter, Dust (China and Taiwan/Hong Kong only), Abyss2 (China and Taiwan/Hong Kong only).
  • Human: Survive zombie attacks or kill all zombies for the given time.
  • Zombies: Attack and turn all humans to zombies.
  • If you are not infected and die as a human or killed by the explosion of a zombie bomb, you will be respawned as a zombie.
  • After each round begins, permanent kills cannot occur for a certain amount of time.

Meta Change

  • Enhancement of Human Hero: When you become a hero, your physical strength and armor are increased, and zombies are strengthened to prevent infestation.
  • Added Hero/Sidekick private shops: If the human is hero or Sidekick, you can use a dedicated shop. You can use Top.50 (Hero/Sidekick) weapons and new weapons (Hero only) in addition to the weapons you have in your own shop. Existing Hero Weapons and Side Kick weapons have been abolished.
Changes Guide
  • View models of Regular zombie, Light zombie, Heavy zombie, Voodoo Zombie have been renewed.
  • Fixed missing parts of some zombies.
  • Banshee can now receive damage when using the Pulling ability but the damage is halved.
  • Bot Zombie is now subjected to the revived rules.


Starting Theme


Background Music

Male Human's Scream


Female Human's Scream


"I'VE RETURNED" (South Korea)

Ditto, TW/HK/China

Ditto, Japan

Ditto, Turkey

Ditto, CSN:Z/Vietnam

Morale Level up


Human Win

Zombie Win


  • The Anger points given by infecting the Hero/Heroine as a lesser zombie is 10 points, but it's only 4 points when you are an host zombie.
  • The anger bar doesn't increase if a zombie suicides.
  • Some weapons will not increase the anger meter for the zombies.
  • Chances of being chosen as a sidekick are higher than being chosen as a Hero/Heroine.
  • This is the most popular zombie mode out of all zombie modes released in this game.

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