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Zombi5 Zombie 5: Rise or Zombie Evolution (in CSN:S) is the fifth installment of Zombie modes (with the exception of Zombie Z) in Counter-Strike Online.


Battle between humans and zombies evolving through battle! Every time you use the skill by collecting S viruses, you can get powerful abilities! Meet the endless struggle with zombies now!


  • Humans: Survive the zombie attack for the rest of the time.
  • Zombies: Those who turn into zombies must attack all humans and make them zombies.


  • Collect viruses through gameplay. The ability value increases as you do it.
  • If you use the special skill [V key], you can acquire the powerful ability by consuming the acquired S virus.
  • Human: Absorb the power of random zombies, and have powerful skills and earn buffs.
  • Zombies: Evolve into very powerful zombies to play new games.

New Rule[]

  • S-Virus system is newly added. Human fraud charging, zombie anger, and karma systems are all combined into a viral system.
  • All zombies can be revived indefinitely without permanent death. If you die from a confirmation kill, the respawn wait time increases significantly.


  • Human virus acquisition method: Humans kill zombies, you record an assist or acquire the virus every time a certain amount of time to survive.
  • As the end of the round approaches and fewer humans survive, the virus you get increases.
  • How to obtain the virus zombies: Zombies infect humans, to gain or if the virus collected integer to record the shot or assist.
  • When a zombie dies, the virus will drop its position as an integer. The number of virus constants generated increases in proportion to the S-Virus level of the dead zombie (Up to 5 max dropped).
  • All zombies can acquire virus essence and get virus quickly.
  • The location of the virus constant can be confirmed through the HUD.

Holding the virus[]

  • Acquired virus will remain until the end of the game (up to 10 steps)
  • The virus is rising even possessing only the basic physical abilities.
  • You can check the amount of physical ability increase in the skill description window via the [L] key.
  • The higher the virus level, the slightly longer the respawn wait time is.

Virus used[]

  • Over a certain step S if you have a virus, use the button [V] is activated.
  • You can acquire additional abilities by injecting the virus you have through the [V] key.
  • Humans must have at least three levels of virus. Consumes 2 levels when used.
  • Zombies must have at least 9 levels of virus. Consumes 9 levels when used.

New map[]

Zm junkhouse cso
Main article: Junk House

Among the study's zombie virus increasingly visible progress, further work on mutant zombies proceeds in an abandoned factory waste. Those who were united with courage during the period of extinction, which took the survival of humanity, entered a battle test.

New zombies[]

Meatwall Spider Draugr icon


Human basic skills
Skill Name Description
Cso zombi5 hmbuff base S-Virus Collection Buff Increase attack power when more zombies are killed.
Humanskill hm spd Sprint The movement speed increases significantly for several seconds, but when the skill ends, the movement speed decreases significantly for several seconds. Only once per round ('M249 Phoenix' can be used conditionally.)
Humanskill hm hd Deadly Shot Inflicts the same amount of damage as a headshot, regardless of which part of the opponent you hit for several seconds. Zombies killed by Deadly Shots have an additional seconds to respawn. Can be used only once per round (additionally conditionally available with 'SG552 Lycanthrope')
Human advanced skills
S-VIRUS Skill Name Description
Zombietype defaultzb Zb5 ha normal skill Runaway Move speed increased for several seconds.
Zb5 ha normal buff Normal Zombie Buff Increase attack power.
Zombietype lightzb Zb5 ha speed skill Hidden Your body becomes transparent for several seconds, so enemies can't see you well.
Zb5 ha speed buff Light Zombie Buff Enable double jump.
Zombietype heavyzb Zb5 ha heavy skill Free Movement Immune to all movement speed reduction and movement interruption effects. This is a passive skill that is always applied while holding a skill.
Zb5 ha heavy buff Heavy Zombie Buff Increase max health.
Zombietype doctorzb Zb5 ha heal skill Recovery For several seconds, you and your allies are healed for every second.
Zb5 ha heal buff Voodoo Zombie Buff Slowly heals when sitting.
Zombietype undertakerzb Zb5 ha undertaker skill Stamp When you use this skill, your and your allies's armor are replenished once, and for several seconds, your and your allies' ammo are slowly replenished every second.
Zb5 ha undertaker buff Stamper Zombie Buff Increase max health and max armor.
Zombietype chinazb Zb5 ha china skill Invulnerability Immune to all damage for several seconds.
Zb5 ha china buff Jiang Shi Buff Increase secondary weapon damage.
Zombietype revivalzb Zb5 ha revival skill Resurrection When you die, you are not infected with zombies and immediately resurrect as a human. It is a passive skill that is always applied while holding the skill.
Zb5 ha revival buff Metatronic Buff Increase melee weapon damage.
Zombietype residentzb Zb5 ha resident skill Shadow Attack When attacking with a melee weapon, a shadow appears to inflict an additional attack. This is a passive skill that is always applied while holding the skill.
Zb5 ha resident buff Sting Finger Buff Increase movement speed.
Zombietype passzb Zb5 ha pass skill Weapon Creator You can use the Hero Store once. You can use the Hero Store even if you acquire the Supply Box while holding the skill. This is a passive skill that is always applied while holding the skill.
Zb5 ha pass buff Blotter Buff Increase grenade damage.
Zombietype boosterzb Zb5 ha booster skill Acceleration If you move fast, the skill gauge is charged. When you use the skill, you can consume some skill gauge and leap toward the player.
Zb5 ha booster buff Chaser Buff Slowly glide while holding the jump key.
Zombietype flyingzb Zb5 ha flying skill Flight After the height jump, spread the wings to start the glide. When you activate it again, it descends quickly in the direction you look at. If you take a certain amount of damage during the descent, your skill is canceled and you may fall.
Zb5 ha flying buff Rusty Wing Buff Increase jump power.
Zombietype akshazb Zombieskill discharge Discharge When using the skill, a flame is released to the direction the player is pointing, needs to dead a certain amount of damage to enemies to be able to use the skill first.
Zb5 ha aksha buff Yaksha Buff The lower the rank of the weapon in use, the higher the attack power.
Zombietype pczb Zb5 ha psycho skill Vaccine You have several consecutive shots of zombie-fighting vaccinations. Zombies in the vacant shots take extra damage every second.
Zb5 ha psycho buff Psycho Buff Increase primary weapon damage.
Zombietype deimoszb Zb5 ha deimos skill Shock The player fires a shock wave in the aimed direction. Zombies near the location where the shock wave hits will be unable to attack for several seconds.
Zb5 ha deimos buff Deimos Buff Increase melee weapon damage.
Zombietype deimos2zb Zb5 ha ganymede skill Rush The movement speed increases for several seconds, and all movement speed reduction effects can be ignored.
Zb5 ha ganymede buff Ganymede Buff Increase secondary weapon damage.
Zombietype boomerzb Zb5 ha boomer skill Zombie Explosion When using the skill, attack power increases for a certain period of time. If you kill a zombie within the duration, an explosion occurs, inflicting damage to nearby zombies, and the cooldown is reset.
Zb5 ha boomer buff Venom Guard Buff The lower the rank of the weapon in use, the higher the attack power.
Zombietype witchzb Zombieskill zombihook Vampiric Bat When using the skill, the vampire bat attacks the enemy with each hit for a certain period of time, inflicting additional damage, and recovering health by a fraction of the total damage amount.
Zb5 ha witch buff Banshee Buff The zombies in the direction you are looking at are displayed in red.

Special Events[]

Random Weapon[]

This is an event where humans are given random weapons and zombies are seletcted at ramdom as well. Humans can't get Blotter's buff/skills in Random Zombie Rise/Evolution mode

20 August 2020 (South Korea)/2 September 2020 (CSN:S)