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Zombie Balloon are non-player characters that flies around the map during Zombie Balloon event.


This thing only appears during Zombie Balloon event. It has an appearance of a baby Heavy zombie.

Available Modes[]

Release date[]

  • Japan: 23 December 2015.
  • South Korea: 31 December 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 5 January 2015.
  • China: 6 January 2015.
  • CSN:Z: 22 June 2016.
  • Indonesia: 13 July 2016.

Maps appeared[]

Rats gfx Assault icon Italy icon Estate icon Militia icon Dust icon Dust2 icon


Title Description Task
Killer B
[Killer B]
Gentlemen, the great zombie balloons have flown into the battlefield. According to provided information, try to attack them immediately upon visible to find out the hidden treasure inside the balloon. (Only achievable during the event period) Blow out 300 Balloons.



  • The Zombie Balloon would appear on a random basis, normally once per round, although in some game modes (like Team Deathmatch where there is only 1 round with a lot of time) it can appear again in the same round. It will disappear after successfully completing its flying path (normally around 12-14 seconds).
  • The balloons does not have Hit Points. Instead, they require around 150 shots to be destroyed, making it possible to take down solo or with teamwork from other players.
  • Use weapons with high rate of fire (preferably the M134 Minigun and its variants) to give the best results in taking down the balloons.
  • The balloon can be blocked by standing in front of them via sky-bug in Assault and/or using Lilith's teleportation skill in Zombie Hero. When blocked, they do not disappear.