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Zombi teamcontrol Zombie Conquest is a BETA FGT Zombie modes in Counter-Strike Online.


Now compete with TEAM! Zombie Conquest Battle (beta) UPDATE! This mode is a part of experimental FGT (Fight Group Tactic) under development.

Rules of Play[]

  • Humans fight to occupy the base, and the zombies must stop the humans until the time runs out. Each team alternates between humans and zombies in each round, the team with the higher total score wins.
  • Node Occupation: If only humans exist in the Node, you can occupy the Node. When all the points set for each base are obtained, the base is changed and round time is added. At the end of the round, you gain points for capturing a total of 3 bases.
  • Node Interference: Zombies can enter the Node and interfere with human occupation.

Human Growth Guide[]

  • Humans lose their HP when attacked by zombies. If it becomes 0, he/she will die.
  • A player who has died can be resurrected as a human after the respawn waiting time and can participate in battle again.
  • Humans have restrictions on purchasing weapons depending on the node level.
  • In the first base, all humans fight using the provided weapons.
  • When the second base is activated, humans can choose whether to 'enhance the provided weapon' or 'use the weapon you own'.
  • When the third node is activated, the human will automatically enhance the previously selected ability.

Zombie Growth Guide[]


  • After charging awakening through game play, you can use it by pressing the [V] key.
  • It is automatically recharged every time the game time elapses, and can be recharged faster through battles and occupations.
  • Both humans and zombies can be awakened. Humans have a common effect, and zombies have different effects depending on the zombie class being used.
  • Additional Information
    • For a fair match, the faction is changed every round.
    • If the score difference is irreversible, the game may end prematurely.
  • For details such as current restrictions in the game, selected abilities and awakening effects, you can check it through the [TAB] key.


15 December 2022
  • Added Ganymede to Base 2 and Deimos to Base 3
  • Play time at Base 1 is changed from 120 seconds to 135 seconds, and waiting time for humans and zombies to respawn is reduced
  • At Base 2, increases the Awakening Gauge acquired by the amount of damage zombies receive. Skills cannot be used for a certain period of time at the start of a round
17 November 2022
  • Zombie balance modification
    • After awakening heavy zombies, increase trap movement speed
    • After awakening Yaksha, increase movement speed while using skills
    • After awakening zombie girls, increase movement speed during stealth
    • After awakening blotters, increase damage from zombie bombs
    • Stamper After awakening, defense increases
  • Human / Zombie Awakening Gauge Acquisition Adjustment
    • Human 1 and 2 bases: Increases the amount obtained per hour from outside the base, decreases the amount of zombie kills obtained
    • Zombie 2 and 3 Bases: Increases the amount of gain per hour, increases the amount of damage received increase in acquisition amount
25 August 2022
  • The list of weapons provided by the human camp for each base has been partially changed.
  • Add 2 types of zombies:
  • Zombie Awakening Effect Change:
    • Light Zombie: Removes existing awakening effect, reduces stealth duration and cooldown, increases attack range and attack power during stealth, reduces stiffness/knockback received during stealth.
    • Venom Guard: Damages nearby enemies during awakening. Increase the coverage area
  • Added two new maps: Assault and Dust.
  • Changes have been made so that bases appear in fixed locations on the Town Hall and Skyscraper maps.
  • Safe Zone: Each team's spawn location is set as a safe zone.
    • Players located in the safe zone do not take damage and can attack outside.
    • You cannot attack the inside from outside the safe zone.
    • Only team members can move to each team's safety zone, and cannot enter the opposing team's safety zone.
    • For humans, you can always call up the purchase menu by pressing the B key within the safe zone.
      • If you are using a paid weapon, the list of available weapons will not change until you die.
      • If the base is changed, you can purchase weapons for the following points in the safe zone.
  • Consolidate Lobby Teams: Displayed in a single list without division of teams in the Lobby.
    • At the start of the game, the connected players are divided into both A/B teams, and the players who log in after that are automatically joined to the team with fewer members. If both teams have the same number of people, they will be randomly selected.
    • The [Detailed Settings > Disable Integrated Team] option has been added, and if you select this option, you can play with A/B team members separately.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Modifications related to session termination: Guidance will be detailed in case of early termination.
4 August 2022
  • Fixed an issue where some inputs did not work when changing factions in Zombie Conquest War
  • Partial changes to the list of weapons to be provided
  • Change the weapon limit by base
    • Base 2: If you select the weapon you have, you can up to unique grade and lower (Cannot use Transcendence grade and higher)
    • Bases 1, 3: Unchanged
  • Unlock Base 2 zombie type: Banshee, Venom Guard
  • Zombie balance changes: Some adjustments to health and armor, increased awakening charge depending on the base situation

Compatible maps[]

Dm hacienda cso Dm chapel cso De skyscraper cso Bzm farero cso De wintershelter cso Assault icon Dust icon

Weapon sets[]

Base 1
Base 2
Base 3



  • This mode is very similar to the Control Point mode from Team Fortress 2.