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Zombie dna 2018

Zombie DNA is a feature available in Counter-Strike Online introduced in Z-Noid patch.


New Update

During the Revive Update Part 2, Zombie DNAs are updated and integrated into the zombie basic skills and the DNAs have been removed. Other than that, there are several rules have been applied in Zombie Hero:

  • 45 Seconds Permanent Kill Limit: Zombies and humans died during the first 45 seconds after the round starts will revive into zombies regardless of the death condition.
  • Zombie skills have been reorganized and fun to play.
  • Scoring system has been revised to include more actions that contribute to the store.
    • Human-infecting assists are counted in the new scoring system as well.
Old Update
Zombiedna banner

This feature allows players to enhance their zombies further with more passive benefits. The benefits include increased attack and defense powers, higher HP, increased jump height, passive healing, and more.

Red skins for Zombie Enhancement were introduced in this patch as well. Players' zombies receive this skin when enhancing to Level 3 (MAX) stage. (This is now cosmetic only.)

Players receive 12 DNA points, 9 prior to the removal of Zombie Enhancement, and can allocate these points to DNA of their choice.

The DNAs[]

Icon Name Description Value
Zbehn 00 on Basic hardening Increases your base HP significantly, while reducing Headshot damage. +3000HP
20% headshot damage decrease
Icon Name Description Value
Zbehn 01 on Infection enhance Self-recovers a certain amount of HP when infecting humans. 20% of total HP
Zbehn 02 on Crisis enhance If your HP drops below 30%, damage taken will decrease for a short time. 40% damage decrease
Zbehn 03 on Fortification Zombie's movement speed is slightly increased. 15% increased
Zbehn 04 on Corps strengthen The more zombies are present, the higher your total HP. 100 HP increased for each zombie
Zbehn 05 on Movement enhance Self-recovers a certain amount of HP when moving without being harmed. 4% of total HP
Zbehn 06 on Relaxation enhance Increases the amount of HP gained through passive regeneration. 20% of total HP
Icon Name Description Value
Zbehn 07 on Defense enhance The lower your HP, the higher the knockback, stun, and movement speed resistance. When HP reaches 7% of total HP, the attributes will fortified 2.5 times higher.
Zbehn 08 on Stun enhance Stun resistance improved slightly. 10% increase
Zbehn 09 on Enhanced defense Headshot damage reduced slightly, in addition to increased maximum HP. 20% reduction
Zbehn 10 on Jump Enhancement Your jump height is slightly increased. 14% higher
Zbehn 11 on Strengthen armor Maximum Kevlar amount increased slightly. +3000 AP
Zbehn 12 on Reinforce Slightly reduces weapon damage received from humans. -5% weapon damage
Icon Name Description Value
Zbehn 13 on Invincible fortification Slightly increases invincibility time when infected. 0.3 seconds
Zbehn 14 on Strengthening the striking Low chance to instantly regenerate your unique skill, if depleted, when attacked. 10% chance
Zbehn 15 on Skill Enhancement Slightly reduces your unique skill's cooldown. -5 seconds
Zbehn 16 on Enchant weapon If there is an origin zombie nearby, your Rage Meter will increase over time. 2 gauges per 5 seconds
Zbehn 17 on Reinforce Your zombie's unique skill's performance increases slightly. Regular: 7% faster
Light: 22.5% more invisible
Heavy: 32.5% faster trap movement
Voodoo: 30% extra HP recover
Psycho: 40% damage reduction in smoke
Deimos: 6% wider skill
Ganymede: 25% better stun resistance
Banshee: 40% wider bat range
Stamper: 40% higher knock power
Jiang Shi: 7% faster
Sting Finger: 35% longer range
Venom Guard: 37% shorter skill cooldown
Zbehn 18 on Reinforce Your Rage will increase slightly more when shot. 20% increase



  • After this feature is introduced, the Zombie Enhancement tab is removed from the Account Information to Inventory section, in the Zombie DNA tab.