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Zombie Enhancement was a feature in Counter-Strike Online.


After the 26th June 2014 update, players are able to enhance their zombies abilities. The enhancement must be done via level up based on their cumulative performances in-game.

Players can view their Zombie Enhancement stats in their Inventory tab in Barracks. Enhancing your zombies will upgrade a specific ability as well as a new appearance for the chosen zombie once a threshold is reached.

In a newer update, players can also use Zombie DNA in the same page to help improve these enhancements.

Three years after it was introduced, this feature was removed noticeably for game balance. Zombies are also greatly boosted in the new version of Zombie DNA, and the skins obtained from leveling up are now awarded via kill progression.

Performances and Abilities[]

Icon Performance Type Condition Level-Up Effect
Icon move Mobility Move for 10m Movement speed increases
Icon headshot Headshot Headshot taken Reduce damages taken from headshots
Icon defence Defense Damage taken by enemy Maximum health increases
Icon jump Jump Perform a jump Jump height increases
Icon care Health Regeneration Regenerate to full health Health regeneration delay decreases and regeneration rate increases
Icon revival Resurrection (removed) Revived Maximum health increases when revived
Icon special Abilities Using abilities Ability upgrades

The abilities to upgrade vary between zombies. Here is the list of ability upgrades:

Zombie Ability Upgrade
Zombie nomal Berserk Movement speed increases
Zombie light Stealth Invisibility duration and speed increases
Zombie heavy Trap Trap duration increases
Zombie psycho Smokescreen Range of smoke increases

Damage reduction by smoke increases

Zombie doctor Healing Increase the amount of health recovered
Zombie deimos Shock Shockwave range increases
Zombie ganimede Dash Increases knockback resistance and movement speed while skill is active
Zombie vency Pulling Pulling and its duration increase
Zombie stamper Stamping Increases the area of effect whereby humans' speed will be affected plus the knockback power is greater
Zombie china Rush Increases speed
Zombie stingfinger Tentacles Increases tentacles range
Zombie venomguard Healing Increases health points restored

Visual Changes[]

Initial Enhanced Enhanced (max)
Zombie nomal Enhanced Regular Zombie Max-enhanced Regular Zombie
Zombie light Enhanced Light Zombie Max-enhanced Light Zombie
Zombie heavy Enhanced Heavy Zombie Max-enhanced Heavy Zombie
Zombie psycho Enhanced Psycho Zombie Max-enhanced Psycho Zombie
Zombie doctor Enhanced Voodoo Zombie Max-enhanced Voodoo Zombie
Zombie deimos Enhanced Deimos Max-enhanced Deimos
Zombie ganimede Enhanced Ganymede Max-enhanced Ganymede
Zombie vency Enhanced Banshee Max-enhanced Banshee
Zombie stamper Enhanced Stamper Max-enhanced Stamper
Zombie china Enhanced Jiang Shi Max-enhanced Jiang Shi
Zombie stingfinger Enhanced Sting Finger Max-enhanced Sting Finger
Zombie venomguard Enhanced Venom Guard Max-enhanced Venom Guard


  • Jump a lot to enhance jumping. Jumping while crouching also counts. Jumping in tight spaces makes the quickest progress for jumping.
  • Move around and infect enemies in open maps. If you need to make more progress on jumping, you can also jump while moving.
  • Let humans attack you to enhance both headshot defense and normal defense, but don't get yourself killed. If you manage to survive human attacks, rest to enhance health regeneration.
  • Try to use your special abilities as much as possible to attack humans.
  • Health regeneration is the slowest to enhance, followed by jumping and then defense (not headshot defense). If you aim to upgrade your zombie(s) as quick as possible, you should enhance other performance types.
  • Enhanced abilities, combined with DNA improvements, make great and powerful combinations, so choose suitable DNA abilities for the zombie you're playing.
  • Use the "evolution enhance" DNA skill to get extra experience for zombie enhancement, which would make enhancing slightly quicker.

Remove date[]

Zombie Enhancement was removed alongside the update of Zombie DNA on:

  • South Korea: 29 June 2017.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 4 July 2017.
  • China/Japan: 5 July 2017.
  • Indonesia: 12 July 2017.
  • CSN:Z: 24 January 2018.