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Zombiescape Zombie Escape was a fun mode in Counter-Strike Online. It becomes a standalone mode in later updates.

Tool tips[]

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This mode is round-based, very similar to most modes.

When a round has started, a player will be randomly chosen as the Origin zombie which has infinite health. The Host zombie must infect all humans to turn them into zombies (4000HP ~ 5000 HP each). All zombies must prevent the humans from reaching their final destination and infect them all. If the zombies reach the final destination first, the zombies are considered the winner and win the round.

The humans must escape from the zombies and head for the escape vehicle. Any humans who are late or do not make it in time will be left behind and killed due to the bomb's explosion. In this mode, zombies that have died from headshot will not revive, however, the shooter will not get points for eliminating the zombie.

Escape conditions[]

Escape success

Human team win the game if they achieve 1 of these conditions:

  • Humans reach the escape point first and successful activate the vehicle (there is an amount of time for activating).
  • Any human players who are left behind, it's still counted as success as long as they are not infected and if the human team escape successfully.
Escape fail

Zombie team win the game if they achieve 1 of these conditions:

  • Zombies reach the escape point first
  • All human players are infected.


There are certain items that can be collected by picking up the Supply Boxes, these items include:

  • Vital Detector/Bio Reactor: An item that can reveal the zombies' distance from the user.
  • Grenade set (HE Grenade, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade).
  • Ammo reload: Replenish weapons' ammo.


South Korea: 21 October 2021.
  • Improved weapon balance
    • Added weapon limit option (Classic, New Classic, etc.)
    • Restricted invincibility of some weapons
    • Corrected the balance of melee weapons and grenades (rigidity, limited knockback)
    • Provided previous weapon when reviving a human.
  • Select zombie increase width
    • Add Heavy Zombie, Stamper Zombie, Banshee Zombie
    • Add Zombie Skills
    • When a zombie is hit, the zombie skill cooldown time decreases.
    • Zombie limit possible
  • Other improvements
    • Zombie balance improvement
    • The health of infected zombie is 30000, armor is 8000.
  • Added various effects depending on the zombie escape progress
    • Human Sprint Gauge: Humans can fill the sprint gauge by hitting zombies. In the zombie escape progress, if you hit a zombie within 1 square of the leading zombie, you can fill the gauge faster.
    • Zombie Buff: Stiffness and knockback resistance are strengthened through the zombie buff.
    • In the progress of zombie escape, if the lead of the human and the lead of the zombie are more than 4 spaces apart, the stiffness and knockback resistance buffs are obtained.
    • If a zombie that is more than 7 spaces behind the lead zombie in the zombie escape progress respawns, it will respawn earlier.

Compatible maps[]

Ze bloodcastle Ze skyline cso Ze venice cso Ze hitchhiking cso Ze rising cso Ze rhyzome cso

Tactics (Human)[]

  • Divide into 2 teams (Runners and Campers) so that there will be a higher chance of escaping successfully.
  • Use high stun and high knockback weapons such as TAR-21, KSG-12, UTS-15, BALROG-XI, Tempest, Benelli M4, Benelli M3 to slow down or knock away zombies.
  • Make sure you have a high stun sidearm as a backup to run away from zombies. Recommended weapons are Desert EagleDual Infinity and SKULL-1.
  • Avoid using primary weapons that share a same ammo type with secondary weapons, it uses the same reserve ammo that will be quickly depleted and you will be easily infected.
  • When you camp at certain areas, use primary weapons to slow them down and switch to secondary weapons/sidearm to run away from zombies.
  • When you run, use light-weight primary weapons or switch to secondary weapons/sidearm so it makes you run faster.
  • Always wait for your team members until they arrive, don't be selfish and leave them behind.

Tactics (Zombie)[]

  • Bunnyhop is a useful trick, you can chase them faster and easily infect humans.
  • If you can't chase the campers, leave them as they only slow you down or distract you from chasing the other humans.
  • When you chase humans, don't slash repeatedly as the sound alerts humans that you are near, use sneak attack or infect them when you are really close.
  • Hold the LMB (slash) when you manage to jump into a group of humans, to rapidly infect all, or at least some of them. Use the secondary attack (RMB by default) for infecting from longer distances with higher accuracy.


Title Description Task
A medal given to a person who has escaped from zombie escape mode by leaving zombies out with an excellent skill to react quickly towards a situation
[Escape Specialist]
Soldier, I've heard that no one is ever close to your escape ability. Show me your skills and ensure that the following zombies at the back are not a worried to you. Available to achieve in above 4 people room. Escape 3000 times in Zombie Escape mode.
A medal given to a person who did not hesitate to work with the enemy for your own survival for more than 5000 times in Zombie Escape mode
Gentleman, sometimes we have to betray our team and work with the enemy to survive. How about you? Are you cold enough to go against your comrade of yesterday? Note: At least 8 players in a game. Infect 5000 humans in Zombie Escape mode.


Freeze time music

Escape Start music

Escape Success music

Escape Fail music


  • Zombie Escape is actually a non-official mode for Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source which later appears as official mode for Counter-Strike Online. The map prefix is "ze".
  • In other Counter-Strike versions (Source, Global Offensive, etc.), if a human player is killed by worldspawn (not zombies' attack), he/she will turn into a zombie. In Counter-Strike Online, if a human player is killed by worldspawn (such as getting killed by the boxes), he/she is confirmed dead, not becoming a zombie.
  • Although humans have "infinite health", they still can die due to some mechanical bugs or obstacles. (Example: falling off the trains in Hitchhiking)
    • In the previous release, Humans who died by some obstacles can't respawn and will be counted as dead.
  • In previous releases the Origin Zombie could die, if you had been his/her teammate you were able to see that he/she had 10000HP.
  • In this mode, EXP and Points are based on the times the player escapes as a human.
  • The scream sound that plays when the escape begins is taken from Half-Life (Interloper chapter).
  • Zombie Escape is excluded from the Fun modes after the Hitchhiking update.
  • The recording bug was fixed on 12 March 2015 update of South Korea.