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Zombie Quest is an event in Counter-Strike Online.


Events in the period of Zombie Z and Zombie Hero play compensation, depending on the number of random quests cleared.

  • Human/zombie faction and quests zombie regardless of one times clear when one is determined to achieve once.

Quest Zombie (Random Quest)[]

Zombie quest

Season 6, new quests to players whenever the responder without the camp, separated by a zombie can be newly introduced with is given.

  • Quest zombies are displayed in the area to the right of the mini-map and to the left of the scoreboard

Quest achievement conditions[]

  • Human: Successful quest when killing target class
  • Zombie: Successful quest when selecting target class (Add quest target selection button to zombie class selection window)

Quest success bonus[]

  • Human: Attack power increased by 10% / Movement speed increased by 8 / max Stamina 500 increase / infections, and upon the death of human resurrection - Candles Random 1 bonus acquisition
  • Zombie: Maximum health increase / add armor acquisition / rigidity and reduce knockback - obtaining all bonuses
  • Limited to the play round, a bonus is provided for each successful quest

Daily achievements[]

Cumulative number of achievements[]

Cumulative number of achievements Cumulative compensation
Completed up to 10 times of daily achievement 5 times Keep out spray
Keep Out Spray
Completed up to 10 times of daily achievement 10 times Run away spray
Run Away Spray