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Zombie Scenario: Season 5 is the fifth Zombie Scenario season in Counter-Strike Online.


Loadingbg zs omen3
Jennifer has obtained information about the Super Soldier Project being ongoing, even after Dr. Rex's Laboratory was destroyed. She has decided to look into whether the information is true, becoming so engulfed into the subject that she had a terrible nightmare about the Lost City. Jennifer and her special forces team headed to the Lost City, but they couldn't find any trace of life... She couldn't find anything, but the walking dead.

Loadingbg zs memories1
Jennifer was shocked with the incident of Laser Wing. In addition, she learned that there are other forces who keep continuing the Super Soldier Project without understanding the risk. Jennifer headed to the lab facilities to find the Laser Wing killer and met a huge zombie which looked somehow very familiar. He is the one whom has been forgotten by her in the Rex accident.

Loadingbg zs anothertruth1

Jennifer heard a voice of someone trying to contact Jack through his radio. She tried to find their location.

The stranger wanted to meet her to talk about another truth, but she was struggling between seeking the truth and getting revenge for Jack.

Loadingbg zs lastride1
Jennifer encountered a new cronobotic enemy when she was about to know the truth from Soy. The crisis came and she risked her life to protect her team from the tentacious pursuers.

Compatible maps[]

Screenshot Map Description
Zs evacuate1 cso Omen 2 rounds, 3 maps, pursuit style. Second round face Laser Wing.
Zs memories1 cso Memories 2 rounds, 3 maps, pursuit style. There's a defense mission in the third map. Second round face Jack.
Zs anothertruth1 cso Another Truth 1 round, 3 maps, pursuit style. Third map face Crono Athletic.
Zs lastride1 cso Last Ride 2 rounds, 3 maps, pursuit style. There's a defense mission in the first and second map. First map and third map face Crono Wing.
Zs bosschase cso Collapse 1 round, raid style. Face Oberon, Dione, Revenant, Fallen Titan, Neid and Zavist.
Zs nightmare5 1 cso Oblivion 4 rounds, 4 maps, annihilation style. Round 1: Laser Wing, Round 2: Jack, Round 3: Crono Athletic, Round 4: Crono Wing

Obtainable rewards[]

Best Rewards

Laser Wing's wings Jack's mask Crono Athletic's face Crono Wing's wings

Guiding NPC[]

Jennifer msg
Jennifer was a freelance journalist who received a request to investigate strange reports at Rex Lab. However, her disguise was blown and she had been captured and kept alive as a test subject. Escaping from Rex Lab with the help of Terrorists, Jennifer joined them to take down the government.

Jack msg
Jack was one of the escapees from Rex Lab after the zombie virus outbreak incident alongside Jennifer. Unfortunately, he failed to escape while on the go and suffered from the zombie virus, mutating into an evil abomination seeking for revenge with Jennifer becoming one of his targets for the lost cause.

Doctora 1 msg
Soy appeared to rescue Jennifer with a helicopter, but they were distracted by Crono Athletic. After defeating him, Soy promised Jennifer to tell her everything about the truth behind Super Soldier Project.


Bosshp bg left grasshopper
Bosshp bg left zombiejack
Bosshp bg left cronobotics53
Bosshp bg left cronobotics54



  • Deimos - Has high health and attack power. 4000 HP for host while 8000 HP for Origin. Host can use [Shock] ability to drop human's weapon.


  • Regular Zombie - Normal zombies with medium attack damage and speed. The origin has higher health.
  • Light Zombie - Has faster movement speed, attack rate and harder to be killed than regular zombies, but with lower health.
  • Heavy Zombie - More durable and does higher damage than regular zombies, but moves slower. Can release a trap to lock human's movement for a while.
  • Voodoo Zombie - Support zombie that heals their allies. They also have higher health points than regular zombies.
  • Psycho Zombie - A zombie with high health points and high attack damage. It can release a black smoke to disturb human's concentration.
  • Hound Zombie - Dogs that were infected by the Z-VIRUS. They are quite small but very agile, thus making it harder to be killed.
  • Sting Finger - Similar to Light Zombies, but can attack in longer range than most zombies.
  • Venom Guard - Explodes upon death. The death blow can injure and knock humans away.
  • Parkour Zombie - A new type of zombie. Their speed and capability to climb up walls makes them hard to get rid of.
  • Drone - Only appears in Last Ride. It is equipped with a single Gatling gun.

Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal given to people who can silence the anger of Laser Wing
Gentlemen, this monster deprived of the ego to the Super Soldier project anger. There is another subject. The research facility that toxic and dealing significant damage to researchers. The damage of civilians to no longer want me to spread out the fiery wrath of the Laser Wing. Therefore, it is also inevitable killed. Available only in Zombie Scenario Season 5 Chapter 2: Omen. Note: only counted in room with 4 players and above, easy stage is not included. Clear Omen chapter for 100 times.
A medal given to people who defeat the former colleague Jack
Gentlemen, today's friend is tomorrow's enemy. Can you really totally trust in your colleague of yesterday? Note: only counted in room with 4 players and above, easy stage is not included. Clear Memories chapter for 100 times.
A medal given to people who can prevent the Crono Athletic
Gentlemen, we have to face a new enemy to find out the truth. You can handle all the zombies if they are already addressed. Don't be afraid to put in front of the new enemy. We just move forward! Note: only counted in room with 4 players and above, easy stage is not included. Clear Another Truth chapter for 100 times.
Defeat Crono Wing in Last Ride 100 times
[I Believe I Can Fly]
Sometimes, an abandoned weapon is just what you need. Also, when you dodge, put your back into it. Can only be achieved in rooms with 4 or more players. Cannot be achieved on Easy difficulty. Clear Last Ride chapter 100 times.



  • This is the first season to introduce Parkour Zombie. It is also the first season to feature each chapter with multiple maps.