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Zombie Scenario: Season 6 is the sixth installment of Zombie Scenario series in Counter-Strike Online.


Loadingbg zs mschoi1
This is the story of Choi Ji Yoon in revealing the true identity of a terrorist group, the Asia Red Army. She was sent by CIA to infiltrate this terrorist group for Intel. However, she was busted by Ritsuka and held as a hostage. Another secret agent, May, is dispatched by CIA for a rescue mission. It is revealed then Asia Red Army, leaded by Mr. X, is funded by Douglas Jacob to use a biological weapon that can turn into monsters and zombies.

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The story depicts the disappearance of Victor's squad during the transportation of Phobos' DNA in Desert Storm operation area.

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It was the night when the entire fleet was tied to the base due to bad weather. When the days were not clear and everyone was nervous, you will receive an urgent rescue signal from the supply line approaching the base. The inside of the ship was firmly closed and I could not feel the shaking anywhere. The night I brought the ship to the base for investigation, With an explosion of unforgettable nightmare began.

Loadingbg zs carlito1
Veteran mercenary Carlito from Vanguard Company. You will receive a mission directly from Douglas one day. The mission is to steal information from one laboratory. It is not a difficult task, but the lab is becoming a zombie lair and is waiting for Carlito...

Compatible map[]

Screenshot Map Description
Zs mschoi1 cso Episode Choi 1 round, 3 maps, pursuit style. There's a defense mission in the second map. Third map faces Mr. X.
Zs victor1 cso Episode Victor 1 round, 3 maps, pursuit style. All maps face Condemned Criminal.
Zs lusia1 cso Episode Lucia 1 round, 3 maps, pursuit style. Third map faces Tyrant Crab.
Zs carlito1 cso Episode Carlito 1 round, 3 maps, pursuit style. Second map faces Comanche 3 times. Third map faces Agent Jay.
Zs multiboss cso Forest Keeper 2 rounds, raid style. First round faces two from all season 1 ~ 5 bosses random (except Bio Scorpion, Kraken, Gluttony and Crono Wing). Second round faces Angra and Bootleg.

Guiding NPC[]

Episode Choi[]

Choijiyoon msg
A member of intelligence bureau of the special force. She was on a mission to infiltrate the Terrorist group. Her mission was later revealed by another agent when she was trying to look through the confidential documents about ARA and had to flee back to her country. She joined the Counter-Terrorists in hope that one day she could get her hands on the documents again.

Mei msg
May is a new intelligence agent born in asia, she has high battle capabilities. Her identity is kept as a secret even within the organization; she has disguised herself and infiltrated into Counter-Terrorist camp near the border and her first mission was to observe her colleague who is under solo activity.

Ritsuka msg
Born in Asia, Ritsuka was involved in domestic warfare from an early age on. She has accumulated quite some war experiences and became a regular member of the ARA during her mercenary time. There she discovered a spy looking through the secret papers of the ARA, and now she tries everything to keep the secret information from getting out.

Mr x msg
Mr. X is affiliated with Asia Red Army and has been funded by Douglas Jacob to cause terror to the world. In the first encounter, he helps Ritsuka to capture Choi Ji Yoon, but later on, he fights against May and her squad to death.

Episode Victor[]

Victor msg

The Army Commander-in-Chief for Zombie Support Unit. He is a high war hero trust and loyalty of people for the country. It is the most dangerous also thanks to the envy and admiration of the soldiers to the commanding jumped directly here.

Norman msg

Norman is the most trusted comrade of Red Lizard Jim. This is known from the Blaze and Sidewinder chapters of Human Scenario. He regrets Jim has betrayed Vanguard and joined the opposing force.

Evelyn msg

Evelyn appears in Episode Victor to assist Commander Victor escaping from the zombie attacks. However, her help is futile when Norman betrays the team and kills Victor's team members.

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Chen msg

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Rowen msg


A senior researcher who founds Aegis Institute to fight the zombies. She has excellent weapon capability and has a history of participating in the Dr. Rex Super Soldier Program for her PhD Research Project.

Episode Lucia[]

Marinegirl msg

She is a team leader of Garcia fleet’s Counter-Terrorist. She became the team leader as she has achieved a big accomplishment in the battle with terror happened in the Indian Ocean. She might be sensed something when a terror has occurred which is using supplies to explode that is sent to her, so she leads her team to pursuit the criminal.

Marineboy msg

He is a soldier of Garcia fleet’s Counter-Terrorist. His highest goal is known as sweeping the pirates from the seas. He is always standing in front of battle if it occurs, however, he is famous to bring lots of accidents due to his wacky character.

Episode Carlito[]

Carlito msg

Carlito was a mercenary from Vanguard Company. He was paid to steal an important information from a laboratory by a Douglas Jacob. As soon as he returned to the base, Vanguard Company is in the brink of destruction.

Jacob msg

Douglas Jacob is the president of Kronos Company. In Last Ride chapter, Crono Wing and Soi revealed that he is the person that provides Dr. Rex funds for Super Soldier Project. In Episode Lucia and Rendezvous, his Kronos containers that contain Deimos and Ganymede to spread zombie virus have been discovered. In Episode Carlito, he betrayed Carlito after having Carlito doing a sample acquisition mission and sabotaging the Vanguard Company during the process.


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  • Deimos - Has high health and attack power. 4000 HP for host while 8000 HP for Origin. Host can use [Shock] ability to drop human's weapon, appears in Episode Victor, Episode Lucia and Episode Carlito.
  • Ganymede - Siege Type Deimos. Very high health power and very deadly attack damage. Each has 16000 HP. Can do [Shock] and [Dash] abilities, appears in Episode Victor only.
  • Comanche - Helicopter. It is equipped with 20mm Gatling guns and 70mm missile launchers, appears in Episode Carlito only.


  • Regular Zombie - Normal zombies with medium attack damage and speed. The origin has higher health.
  • Light Zombie - Has faster movement speed, attack rate and harder to be killed than regular zombies, but with lower health.
  • Heavy Zombie - More durable and does higher damage than regular zombies, but moves slower. Can release a trap to lock human's movement for a while.
  • Voodoo Zombie - Support zombie that heals their allies. They also have higher health points than regular zombies.
  • Psycho Zombie - A zombie with high health points and high attack damage. It can release a black smoke to disturb human's concentration.
  • Hound Zombie - Dogs that were infected by the Z-VIRUS. They are quite small but very agile, thus making it harder to be killed.
  • Sting Finger - Similar to Light Zombies, but can attack in longer range than most zombies.
  • Venom Guard - Explodes upon death. The death blow can injure and knock humans away.
  • Parkour Zombie - A new type of zombie. Their speed and capability to climb up walls makes them hard to get rid of.




  • SAF - Appeared as dead soldiers after attacked by XT-300 Goliath in Episode Victor.
  • Walter - Appeared as a team leader in Episode Victor. He later died when attacked by XT-300 Goliath.
  • SEAL - Some operatives are found dead in the ship in Episode Lucia.



  • Instead of just zombies, this season features human enemies, most probably imported from Human Scenario.
  • This season focuses on a specific character in the chapter.