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Zombie Scenario: Season 8 is the eighth installment of Zombie Scenario series in Counter-Strike Online.


Upcoming threat
David Black and Erica learn the truth from Gerard and form a new team. As a new team member, he decides to recruit the man who blew up the Rex Labs in the past, and sets out to find his whereabouts. Following his tracks, he arrived at an abandoned munitions factory. David tried to enter the factory to search the munitions factory, but when Erica's pain recurred, he decided to rest. But Douglas, watching them, sends a hunter to annihilate them...

Loadingbg zs neoncity1
Queen and her party managed to escape from the laboratory, and while traveling in a helicopter, they crashed on the roof of an unidentified city building due to a chase attack. A bizarre city full of colorful lights but no traces of people. It was a tragedy rather than hope that awaited them in Kronos' planned experimental city. A mysterious monster appears in front of Queen's and the group, who slowly entered their planned trap by going back and forth between the roof and the inside of the building.

Loadingbg zs crack1
Ritsuka, who received a request to stop David Black and Erica's party and Douglas' support, surprises them at a remote factory. But Ritsuka was unable to stop David Black's party, and loses contact with Douglas and even the supported super soldiers and retreats. Ritsuka returns to the Asian Red Army Faction's hideout to reorganize her forces, but what she encounters is a hideout that has turned into ruins.

Compatible map[]

Screenshot Map Description
Zs dronefactory cso Upcoming Threat 2 rounds, pursuit and defense style. All rounds face Agent H.
Zs neoncity1 cso Neon City 1 round, 2 maps, pursuit style. Second map faces Behemoth.
Zs crack1 cso Abandoned Hound 2 rounds, 2 maps, pursuit style. Second round faces Narak.

Guilding NPC[]

David Black[]

Davidblack msg

David is a veteran soldier and is a former instructor of SAS who has experienced countless battlefields. He is one of the survivors in laboratory basement, who has been survived from the Rex laboratory explosion accident. He became disillusioned with the horrible incidents that he saw in the basement, and decided to join the Terrorist as they promised to help him to get out from the laboratory if he assist them in obtaining a confidential documents. He found out that Gerard is chasing him and decided to participate in the battlefield, so that he can persuade him to join the Terrorist.


Jpngirl01 msg

Erika is the only rescued survivor from the ruined Lost City. She became a member of the Terrorist, following the foot steps of the person who saved her life. Her new obtained life become a cruel destiny awaiting ahead as she start learning battle abilities as a Terrorist and almost forget about the shock from the tragedy.

Agent Ritsuka[]

Ritsuka2 msg

Asia-born Ritsuka was caught up in a civil war from an early age and grew up with the war for many years. Currently, at the request of Kronos, she engages in vicious acts such as kidnapping and assassination of key figures of a group that has animosity toward the company. After receiving considerable pressure from the failure of Choi Ji Yoon's abduction mission, he tries to disguise his affiliation and perform the next operation in order to ensure the success of the next mission.

Commander Victor[]

Victor msg

The Army Commander-in-Chief for Zombie Support Unit. He is a high war hero trust and loyalty of people for the country. It is the most dangerous also thanks to the envy and admiration of the soldiers to the commanding jumped directly here.


Dominique msg

Dominique is Asian-origin and taken to bring the Super Soldier project. However, he managed to escape by joining the Counter-Terrorist force. He is interested with Alin's breakdance skill, who he met back in the Super Soldier Program.

Pop Star Alin[]

Alin msg

After escaping by the mercenary corps, she cannot appear on the surface, and even if she does, she can face retaliation from Kronos and government agencies colluding with them, so she hides her identity and works as an idol with a new identity. In idol night, she is pursuing revenge against Kronos as a terrorist, and while she and Dominique went to destroy Kronos' factory, she received a request for support from Victor and participated in the operation.


Queen msg

Leader of the Queen Mercenary group. She is anguished by her mechanical appearance and the loss of her memories. She is driven by a lust for vengance against Kronos, the company responsible for her situation.


Cyborg msg

A human who was transformed into a living weapon by Kronos. He was rescued, without consent, from a life-threatening injury through an experimental surgery. His only motivation is completing the missions he's been assigned.

Douglas Jacob[]

Jacob msg

Douglas Jacob is the president of Kronos Company. In Last Ride chapter, Crono Wing and Soi revealed that he is the person that provides Dr. Rex funds for Super Soldier Project. In Episode Lucia and Rendezvous, his Kronos containers that contain Deimos and Ganymede to spread zombie virus have been discovered. In Episode Carlito, he betrayed Carlito after having Carlito doing a sample acquisition mission and sabotaging the Vanguard Company during the process.


Agent H
Narak's bug



  • Deimos- A Zombie that can drop human's weapon when its sting hits a player.
  • Ganymede - Enhanced Deimos. It can do shoulder charges at players, which will inflict a lot of damage.


  • Regular Zombie - Normal zombies with medium attack damage and speed. The origin has higher health.
  • Light Zombie - Has faster movement speed, attack rate and harder to be killed than regular zombies, but with lower health.
  • Heavy Zombie - More durable and does higher damage than regular zombies, but moves slower. Can release a trap to lock human's movement for a while.
  • Voodoo Zombie - Support zombie that heals their allies. They also have higher health points than regular zombies.
  • Psycho Zombie - A zombie with high health points and high attack damage. It can release a black smoke to disturb human's concentration.
  • Hound Zombie - Dogs that were infected by the Z-VIRUS. They are quite small but very agile, thus making it harder to be killed.
  • Sting Finger - Similar to Light Zombies, but can attack in longer range than most zombies.
  • Venom Guard - Explodes upon death. The death blow can injure and knock humans away.
  • Drone - It is equipped with a single Gatling gun.
  • Elite Juggernaut - Stronger version of Juggernaut with multiple skills. Its size is smaller and can fit where players hide. When killed, it will give player use add-ons.