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Zombiteam.png Zombie Union was a zombie mode in Counter-Strike Online.


Zombie Union featured a different gameplay in comparison with previous zombie modes. There is no infection spreading, instead, zombies now can choose to cooperate with either Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist team. It can be set to either Team Deathmatch or Original (Annihilation) sub-mode. It follows the main settings of those sub-modes: each team have to reach a certain amount of points or rounds, depending on the selected scenario to play in, with the addition of new items, skills and special rules.

The player is free to choose between playing as a human or zombie.  


There are 15 items available for this mode. The items can be used after the player got it from supply box.

Image Item Description
Zbt blind.png Blind Blinds enemy for several seconds.
Zbt damagedouble.png Triple Damage Triples the attack damage for a short period.
Zbt enemyhpdown.png Enemy HP Down 50% of the enemy units current hitpoints is reduced (Automatically activated when picked up).
Zbt reverse.png Reverse Direction of mouse will be opposite to enemy forces for several seconds.
Zbt shootingdown.png Enemy Accuracy Down Lowers the accuracy rate of enemy forces for several seconds.

Image Item Description
Zbt fast.png Speed Up Increases the movement speed for a short period.
Zbt infgrenade.png Infinite Grenade Unlimited grenade usage for several seconds (Human only).
Zbt invincibility.png Invincibility Becomes invulnerable for several seconds.
Zbt jumpup.png Jump Up Jumps higher for a short period.
Zbt shootingup.png Shooting Up (Unused/Removed) Increases the accuracy of teammates for a short period (Human only).
Zbt teamhprecovery.png Team HP Recovery Heals self and teammates by 50% of their maximum health (Automatically activated when picked up).

Image Item Description
Zbt landmine.png Landmine Lays down a landmine to damage an enemy that walks over it.
Zbt nuclearhe.png Nuclear Bomb Releases a nuclear bomb that is capable of wiping out both enemies and allies.
Zbt specialwpn.png Special Weapon

Gives player Dual MP7A1, AK-47/60R or Dual Desert Eagle (Humans Only).

Zbt stone.png Self Destruct Releases a powerful shockwave to temporarily stun nearby enemies and allies including the player.

Compatible maps

There are 25 compatible maps:

Union gfx.png Dust icon.png Dust2 icon.png Dust2a gfx.png Italy icon.png Sienna icon.png Office icon.png Rats gfx.png Militia icon.png Industry gfx.png Aztec icon.png Inferno icon.png Dazzling gfx.png Nuke icon.png Vertigo icon.png Assault icon.png Siege gfx.png Estate icon.png Rex gfx.png Chateau icon.png Cs backalley cso.png Cbble gfx.png Havana gfx.png Piranesi gfx.png Train icon.png



  • In this mode, zombies have higher resistance against stun and knockback.
  • Zombies can only heal 100 health points when regenerating health.
  • Zombie Grenade deals approximately 100 damage.
  • Zombies are greatly stunned by any kind of explosives (with the exception of Nuke which only knocks the zombies away).
  • Terrorists will be depicted in red while Counter-Terrorists in blue for both zombies and humans.
  • Landmines does not trigger detonation when the deployer steps on it, but a teammate or enemy still triggers it.
  • If a landmine does not detonate in a period of time, it will disappear.
  • The landmine damages both enemy and the deployer, if both are caught in the explosion radius.
  • While landmines don't damage your teammates' health, their armor will be decreased instead.
  • Invicibility does not protect the user against damage over time or 'Enemy HP Down'. It does however, protect them from the stun effect (if the user is using a zombie) or any other projectile or melee attacks.
  • Zombies under the effect of Strong Lifepower will have their maximum health increased by 500 and their maximum armor points will be increased by 50.
  • In this mode, Voodoo Zombies are able to cast a debuff whenever they hit an opponent called [Curse] which disallows the victim from using any skill or item. They gets points by healing their teammates.
  • Friendlies and yourself will have some sort of "ring" orbiting around.
  • If you point your crosshair at your teammates an icon will appear indicating not to shoot or attack.
  • 'Shooting Up' item exists in the .nar files. However, it was cut and doesn't show up in-game.
  • Venom Guard and Sting Finger have better stun resistance than any other zombies.
  • This mode is not available in the Singapore/Malaysia, Vietnam regions and Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.