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For Counter-Strike Online 2 version, see Zombie Z/CSO2.

Zombie3z Zombie Z is a game mode in Counter-Strike Online.


Every round evolving zombie and human ability! Get a virus score through battle, consume your score and make a variation. Every time you make a mutation, you gain random power and become more powerful.


  • Human: Survive zombie attacks or kill all zombies for the rest of the time.
  • Zombies: Infect all humans.


  • During battle, if you accumulate virus scores, your level will increase.
  • You can increase the number of weapons and zombie classes you can use depending on your level.
  • You can level up by attacking zombies as human, taking damage as zombie, and through round progression.
  • When purchasing random weapons, only weapons that match your level appear.
  • You starting with Battle Glock, instead default Glock.

Mode Settings

  • Damage score will pop out on the target when you do damage to zombies or humans.
  • Flashbang functions as phosphorus grenade where it deals continuous damage to zombies for several seconds.
  • Smoke grenade deals damage to zombies within the area.

Zombie Stats

Zombie HP Armor Speed Jump Defense Stun Knockback Unlock Level
Zombietype defaultzb 20,000 2000 75 69 50 50 58 1
Zombietype lightzb 20,000 2000 90 93 35 55 22 3
Zombietype heavyzb 20,000 2000 72 53 75 50 88 13
Zombietype doctorzb 20,000 2000 75 73 39 50 52 5
Zombietype pczb 20,000 2000 75 73 55 50 55 11
Zombietype deimoszb 20,000 2000 75 63 50 50 61 21
Zombietype deimos2zb 20,000 2000 69 63 64 52 85 17
Zombietype witchzb 20,000 2000 75 83 39 57 50 23
Zombietype undertakerzb 20,000 2000 63 73 67 52 75 7
Zombietype chinazb 20,000 2000 72 83 50 50 58 9
Zombietype boomerzb 20,000 2000 72 53 69 50 58 15
Zombietype residentzb 20,000 2000 82 83 25 55 22 19
Zombietype boosterzb 20,000 2000 82 93 25 55 22 27
Zombietype passzb 20,000 2000 75 83 50 50 58 25
Zombietype flyingzb 20,000 2000 75 93 35 55 22 29


Minor Update (4 April 2019)
  • You can purchase recommended weapons directly from the Buy menu.
  • Special weapons such as season weapons can be purchased directly, but they have been changed so that they can not be used as random weapons.
  • Mutation acquisition motion time has been reduced (can be used while moving).
  • The mutation value has been changed to keep the same room when reconnecting.
  • Mutation error (double jump recognition) has been fixed.
New Mutations, 13 December 2018 update (South Korea).
Icon Name Description
Zombie3z mutation id 040 Icarus You can jump high and glide in the air for a short period of time.
Zombie3z mutation id 041 Through-Hole The penetration rate of the shot is increased. The effect can not be applied to firearms that can not penetrate.
Zombie3z mutation id 042 Elitist As the number of humans decreases, the damage and movement rate increases.
Zombie3z mutation id 043 Money Power The more dollars you have, the more damage you do.
Zombie3z mutation id 044 Craftsmanship When you use the same firearm continuously, the damage of the firearm increases. (Based on weapons when zombies appeared)
Zombie3z mutation id 045 HP Rob When you infected a human, you and your allies will recover HP.
Zombie3z mutation id 046 Bomb Hardening Zombie bomb damage and knockback increases.
Zombie3z mutation id 047 Claw Strengthening The general attack range of zombies increases.
Zombie3z mutation id 048 Skill Evolution Zombie skill reuse time is reduced.
Zombie3z mutation id 049 Steel Skin When hit, there is a chance to bounce the bullet to avoid damage.
Icon Name Description
Zombie3z mutation id 000 Money Worm Earn extra dollars at the start of the round. It is provided separately from the dollar rewards resulting from the combat.
Zombie3z mutation id 005 Cheetah Movement speed increases. The additional movement speed is not affected by the weight.
Zombie3z mutation id 006 Kangaroo Increases the jump power. The additional jump force is not affected by gravity.
Zombie3z mutation id 007 Enhance Recovery Recovery ability is improved. It is applied separately from the basic recovery ability.
Zombie3z mutation id 011 Hunting Instinct Target targets within range periodically. Your combat ability against your target opponent is greatly increased.
Zombie3z mutation id 012 Double Jump You can jump twice in the air.
Zombie3z mutation id 017 Increased Stamina Increases maximum health.
Zombie3z mutation id 025 Hero Appearance There is a possibility to be chosen as a hero.
Zombie3z mutation id 026 Enthusiasm You become stronger through battle and cooperation. Activates morale boost for human, rage bar for zombie.
Icon Name Description
Zombie3z mutation id 001 Boxer When you use a melee weapon, your combat power is improved. Apart from the weapon's ability to use, it creates a powerful explosion at long range, giving the enemy big damage, knockback, and stun.
Zombie3z mutation id 002 Increase Ammo Increases the amount of ammo of the weapon. When reached a certain level, it will be able to shoot the weapon's endlessly.
Zombie3z mutation id 003 Fast Reload The reloading speed of the weapon decreases. If the loading speed is faster than a certain value, automatic loading is activated, which means that the shot is not fired but fires instantly from the reserved ammo.
Zombie3z mutation id 004 Transparent Reloading The body becomes transparent when it is in the state of stealth when you are reloading. If you attack, the stealth state will be canceled immediately. Cooldown time applies as soon as the stun effect is triggered.
Zombie3z mutation id 008 Focus Attack Moving an assault rifle forward with your hands. It will improve your combat ability every second. Improvement width is as follows.
Zombie3z mutation id 009 Booster Movement speed increases when equipped with submachine guns, and is subject to additional acceleration periodically. The additional acceleration effect is maintained only for a short time.
Zombie3z mutation id 010 Bullet Addition When reloading, there is a certain probability that more bullets will be loaded. The additional amount increases in proportion to the current loading amount, and this shot can be loaded beyond the maximum limit of the magazine.
Zombie3z mutation id 013 Explosive Bullets An explosion occurs every time a certain amount of shot is fired. Explosion changes in proportion to weapon damage.
Zombie3z mutation id 016 Fire Bullets When you hit an enemy with a sniper rifle, there is a certain probability to set the enemy on fire. The enemy will suffer damage every second and the movement speed will decrease.
Zombie3z mutation id 023 Sharpshooter When using a sniper rifle, the shot will hit the center of the sight line unconditionally.
Zombie3z mutation id 024 Sixth Sense You can detect the appearance of a zombie host. You can detect when zombie hosts appear within a certain range. You can also tell if you yourself are a zombie host.
Zombie3z mutation id 027 Specialist Human special skills are activated.
Zombie3z mutation id 028 Forced Fall When attacking an enemy hanging on a ladder, forcefully drop them from the ladder.
Zombie3z mutation id 030 Vaccine Grenade The smoke bomb will be changed to a zombie-compatible vaccine. Also, the round starts with the vaccine shot.
Zombie3z mutation id 031 Bomb Backpack Automatically generate grenades at regular intervals.
Zombie3z mutation id 032 Bombardment Support When a grenade explodes, there is a low probability of bombing at that location.
Zombie3z mutation id 033 Critical Hit A low chance of a critical strike. Also, the lower the fire performance of the weapon, the greater the chance of a critical strike.
Zombie3z mutation id 034 Steel Bullet The power of the gun increases. Additional damage is applied to each bullet.
Zombie3z mutation id 035 Shotgun Grenade When throwing a grenade, the same kind of grenade is automatically thrown.
Zombie3z mutation id 037 Fireball The use of sniper rifles causes a strong explosion in close range. This explosion causes great damage to the enemy.
Zombie3z mutation id 039 Nitrogen Grenade Replace flashbang with Nitrogen Grenade that can freeze and knock zombies away in a short period of time when exploded.
Icon Name Description
Zombie3z mutation id 014 Reinforced Genes Instantly become a host zombie when infected. Evolution is possible even without enthusiasm.
Zombie3z mutation id 015 Resist Have a chance to ignore stun and knockback when hit (the damage is not alleviated).
Zombie3z mutation id 018 Contact Infection Infection can occurs by only touching the body without attack.
Zombie3z mutation id 019 Resurrection Earn resurrection ability. Even after the virus is decrypted, You can be resurrected in case of death. However, if you die in head shot, you can not resurrect.
Zombie3z mutation id 020 Steel Armor Increases your armor.
Zombie3z mutation id 021 Flippers The speed increases when you sit and move.
Zombie3z mutation id 022 Steel Head Reduces headshot damage.
Zombie3z mutation id 029 Adaptability You can change the zombie class at any time by using the class change key (default [M] key). However, when you change a zombie class, your health decreases.
Zombie3z mutation id 036 Bio-Bomb If you suffer a certain amount of damage, you will create a zombie bomb. Zombie bombs generated through mutations can be acquired beyond their possession limits.
Zombie3z mutation id 038 Elephant When you move slowly, your armor increases.

Weapons and Zombies Level Unlock

Level Weapons/Zombie
2 Balrog9 Balrog9 blue Balrog9wc Thanatos1 Thanatos3 Thanatos5
Thanatos11 Vulcanus5icon Vulcanus9 Vulcanus11 Specialduckfootgun Firevulcan
Plasma Papin Hammer icon
3 Vulcanus1 Vulcanus7 Crow1 Crow11 19s1machete Y19s2hdagger
Deaglegs Lugergs Tempestsmg Pp2000 G11 G11g
Oicw Wa2000g Hk23g Mg36 gfx MG36G Jay's dagger
4 Y19s2python Thunderbolt
5 Vulcanus3 Crow3 Monkeywpnset2 Monkeywpnset1 Monkeywpnset3 Blockas
Blockar gfx Dualuzi Ethereal Sfgun Compound Bow Burningaug
Viperboa Destroyer icon Bpgm Aerolis Bultimax100 M134 gfx
M134 ex M134 xmas Golden MG3 Icon m249 cso Chainsawm
6 Y19s2mauserc96
7 Zombidoctor
8 Buffawp Skullaxe gfx Crow5 Crow7 Turbulent7 Charger5
19s1m950 19s1infinityex2 Infinityex2 gfx M950 M950attack Bbison
Savery rifle icon Laserminigun M249camo K3 Mg3 Mg3 xmas
9 -
10 Thanatos7 Turbulent1 Turbulent3 Turbulent5 Turbulent9 TURBULENT-11
Charger7 Mp5gs M1887gs M4a1gs M4a1gs Akmgs
M14ebrgs Stg44gs Sl8gs Trg42gs Mp5 Gatling
Sflaser Crossbow gfx Advancedcrossbow Bandita Blockmg Bng7
Pesticidesprayer Rockbreaker
11 Pczombie
12 Thanatos9 19s1mp5 Y19s2dbarrel Y19s2m1887 Wa2000gs Newcomen
Bmk3a1 Airburster gfx
13 Heavyzombie
14 Chainsaw BalrogXI Balrog11 blue Balrog11wc 19s1qbz95 19s1m24
Y19s2mosin Thompsongs Mg3gs Sterlingbayonet
15 Mg3holy
Boomerzombi gfx
16 Buffmelee Bloodlust Kronos1 19s1usas12 Y19s2spmg Bunkerbuster
Arm Torch
17 Deimos2 gfx
18 Bloodhunter Runeblade Hunterkillerx15 MagnumDrill Blocksmg Bouncer
Stunrifle StarchaserSR
19 Residentzombi gfx
20 Sgdrillgold Speargun Kronos3 Kronos7 Cannon
21 Deimos gfx
22 M4a1darkknight Ak47paladin Cannonexgold Reddragoncannon Stinger
23 Witch
24 Python desperado Sg552buff Kronos11 StarchaserAR
25 Blotterzb icon
26 BuffM3 Buffm249 Gunkatam M32venom Hellfire sword
27 Chaserzb icon
28 Gunslinger Buffaug Dualswordphantomslayer
29 Rustywing icon
30 Buffm95 Holysword Thunderpistol Gungnir Sgmissile Luger ex
Dualkriss Stickybomb Holybomb ex

Release date

  • South Korea: 13 September 2018.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 19 September 2018.
  • China: 19 September 2018.
  • Japan: 19 September 2018.
  • Indonesia: 19 September 2018.
  • CSN:Z: 10 October 2018.