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Zombie Modes consists of a series of zombie-related game modes in Counter-Strike Online.

Zombie Infection[]

Zombie original 1
Zombie mutation
Zombie hero

Zombie Infection are a collection of Player vs Player modes, where zombies and human must kill each other to win.

There are six main versions of Zombie Infection, each with their own mechanics.

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Mission Description Task
A medal given to players who have killed zombies for more than 5000 times in Zombie modes
[Zombie Hunter]
Gentleman, we must kill the zombies without traces if you do not want to have any regrets. No mercy should be given if you are a real zombie hunter. Kill 5000 Zombies in Zombie 1: Original/Zombie 2: Mutant/Zombie 3: Hero/Zombie 4: Darkness.
medal given to players who have survived Zombie modes for more than 5000 times"
[Master of Survival]
Gentleman, you can never give up at any one time even you are in difficult situation when killing those zombies! Survival is the key to success!. The master of survival is the only winner here. Survive 5000 times as human in Zombie Modes (1, 2, 3, 4).
An evolution is the truth. A best zombie player who conducts continuous evolution. Evolve to Origin Zombie 10,000 times.


Zb comp empty cso

Tooltip zb competive

New competition rules have been added to Zombie Mode.
  • Release date: 16 December 2021.
  • Mode: Zombie Hero, Zombie Z mode
  • Addition of Competitive Play settings: Select "Competitive" map on the map selection screen → Select the Competitive Map and click the 'Selection Complete' button when the information pop-up is displayed → If the information pop-up is accepted, the game is set to a competitive match.
  • If the game is set to a competitive match, all room settings previously set are ignored and the game settings are changed to the set settings cannot be changed arbitrarily.
2. Competitive match rule guide
  • Competitive match room setting
  1. Max Players: 24
  2. Victory Goal: Zombie Z - 13 rounds / Zombie Hero - 7 rounds
  3. Round Time: 3 minutes
  4. Weapon Limit: Cost Limit
  5. Manner Grade, Death>Kill Limit
  6. Unable to set password
  7. No Zombie Permanent Death
  • Add AI
  • No friendly fire
  • Zombie Balance Auto Correction
  • Map: When the game starts, the map will be selected randomly from the following list: Italy, Assault, Abyss2, Militia, Dust, Harbor)
Arms Limitation (cost limit) additional
  • All weapons have a cost depending on the grade.
  • If the cost of the weapons you select exceeds the total cost of 25 points, you cannot purchase them.
  • Points based on grade: Epic 15, Transcendent 9, Unique 6, Rare 4, Advanced 1, Basic 0.
Some rule changes
  • The amount of Karma obtained is doubled.
  • Competition before the random human hero does not appear, you must use the karma can play as a hero.
  • For Zombie Z mode, after all zombies are unlocked, a random zombie hero can appear.
  • Depending on the Zombie Z level, the fixed number of mutations increases, and some mutations do not appear.

Other Zombie PvP modes[]


These also the Zombie PvP modes but with some different goals, most of them does not involve infection:

Tooltip zombieescape 01 Tooltip bzm 01 Tooltip zombieunite dm


Title Description Task
A medal given to a person who has escaped from zombie escape mode by leaving zombies out with an excellent skill to react quickly towards a situation
[Escape Specialist]
Soldier, I've heard that no one is ever close to your escape ability. Show me your skills and ensure that the following zombies at the back are not a worried to you. Available to achieve in above 4 people room. Escape 3000 times in Zombie Escape mode.
A medal given to a person who did not hesitate to work with the enemy for your own survival for more than 5000 times in Zombie Escape mode
Gentleman, sometimes we have to betray our team and work with the enemy to survive. How about you? Are you cold enough to go against your comrade of yesterday? Note: At least 8 players in a game. Infect 5000 humans in Zombie Escape mode.
A medal will be given to the player who has unlocked the Difficulty Level, Elite, in Bot Zombie mode.
[Bot Zombie Master]
Gentleman, you shouldn't belittle on them just because they are dead. Don't forget they are zombies. Unlock Difficulty Level, 'Elite', in Bot Zombie Mod.

Zombie PvE modes[]

These are co-operative modes where players are pitted against AI-controlled zombies, usually with accompanying lore.


Title Description Task
A medal given to a player who completed to play 2014 scenario chronicle. This is a hero who achieved a victory from the death battlefield that looked like a hell.
None Finish Zombie Scenario season 1 to 3 in order.
A medal given to a person who protected the shelter from the zombies in Dead City
[The Last Survivor]
Gentleman, you must utilize your ability to survive from the dead city. Don't forget that you can only protect you and your comrades by collecting, building, and fighting. This can only be achieved in rooms with 4 players. Clear New Zombie Shelter: Co-op for 100 times.
A medal given to a person who avoided zombies and destroyed the enemy's shelter in Dead City[Destroyer] Gentleman, what will you do to survive with limited resource? You must protect your own resource and steal other people's resource. You can only survive by destroying the enemies in the world. This can only be achieved in rooms with 6 or more players. Achieve 100 victories in New Zombie Shelter: Team Match.


  • There's usually a bug in Zombie Infection whereby players can infect and instantly kill the victim, if the infection occurs from a headshot.
  • Humans infected by origin zombies will receive a very high amount of health power, resulting sometimes higher than when evolving into an origin zombie which has 7000 health. Therefore your hp will be reduced if you had more than that.
  • Despite the name, there are no zombie characters appearing in Zombie Giant. Only the bosses from Zombie Scenario make an appearance instead.