There are 15 special Zombie Sets:

Zombieanoweapon.png Zombiebnoweapon.png Zombiecnoweapon.png Zombiednoweapon.png Zombieenoweapon.png Zombiefnoweapon.png Zombiegnoweapon.png Zombiehnoweapon.png Zombieinoweapon.png Zombiejnoweapon.png Zombieknoweapon.png Zombielnoweapon.png Boomerresidentset.png Lord of darkness.png Deimosdeimos2set.png



March 21 ~ April 4, 2012

The players that were inactived for 3 months since the given date will receive all zombie sets for 3 days.

May 24~ June 6, 2012

The player will receive all the zombie sets for 7 days if they logged in during this event.


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